Itz a "Riot"

by King Kobraz

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Reaction to Ole Miss "Riot"


Loves Ronald Reagan,
1st year, yea he's a freshman,
Obama is a pagan,
Antichrist with Nick Saban,
all that I'm saying is
boy quit saying all this yit
coming out your lips
making us look
White boys love Obama too,
please excuse the dooshes,
forgive them they know not what they do,
but please kick them out of this school.
Just because your dads a doctor
doesn't mean your not a fool,
get back in the box you tool
Mississippi is progressing,
you need a history lesson,
the south is more than sweet tea and turkey dressing,
quit testing,
Bigotry should be history,
who raised you?
That's a mystery!
burn a Obama-Biden sign,
on the news atlantic wire,
Cause a scene cause you start a fire,
didn't think it'd be that dire,
for pledgeship this wasn't required!
Frats didnt even like it!
No ones glad you did it!
The south is so tired!
You thought it was cool?
Well guess what?
It backfired.
It's a "riot" (x4)
Penthouse -
You know what helps with ignorance?
The dark side of my timberlands.
Texax, Bama, Cali boys
Framing Mississippians.
so baptists back a Mormon,
I tried o have a good perception
the News blew it outta proportion,
Yalls moms needed contraception!
Ya Closet Gay guys?
Might be
Tryna be shocking
You wanna fight the power
No fight me!
DM based their facts off of tweeting and talking
When it was 5 morons
Burning and a hundred
folks watching
good job!
You made it!
You did it!
You're famous!
Go you!
The greatest!
Ya most hated
but back to the drunken
Whack guys
never stepped foot in a public school
Never even met a black guy
I BET you're hammered
cause you're a tool
The best dudes
The coolest
The greatest
They black son
We ahd it
that's gone now though
thanks to a few
I'm over it
Im not the one who has to
Live with you!


released November 8, 2012
D. Abraham, Peyton Thigpen




King Kobraz Oxford, Mississippi
Public skewl grads, illiterate, Tri Delt Howze Boyz...that's about it.
p.s. we single and lewkin
Andrew Roberts - Manager
Monty Miller - Sound Engineer

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